Maricopa County, AZ

Online Education

Maricopa County Nurse Generalists have created the following online modules to promote the health and well-being of Maricopa County residents and visitors. The information provided in the modules will deliver evidence-based and up-to-date research on best practices to the health care community, students of health-related professions and to the general public with an interest in health-related education.

The information presented throughout the modules is for educational purpose and not intended for clinical diagnosis. There is no financial or business interest in the development of any program.

Online Training Module Directions

  1. For best viewing and interactive quality, the preferred internet browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  2. Audio capability is essential.
  3. Allow blocked content when prompted by pop-up message.
  4. Reserve 30-60 minutes to complete the module.
  5. You can leave a course at any time but will not receive credit until all questions within the LOG IN and END OF COURSE REVIEW is completed through Survey Monkey.
  6. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued within 5-10 business days
  7. Call Community Health Nursing at 602-506-6767 with questions.

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

The following learning module covers the pathology of vaccine preventable diseases.

Start Vaccine Preventable Diseases Course

Video: Vaccine Preparation & Administration (5 minutes)